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The Quinsippi Island Bridge over the Mississippi River in Quincy, IL, was built in 1899, originally as a railroad bridge used by Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad (CBQ).  The bridge was bui

Hydrotex® Fabric Formed Concrete products are currently being designed for underwater concrete filled tunnel plugs. Additional projects involve coal ash pond linings, mining shaft seals, port quay wall protections, and water containment basins.  It's an exciting time to be a part of a compnay with such a diverse application across a broad range of projects.

The design for bulkheads for pipe closures has been submitted to a power and energy company for closures of their abandoned pipes.  The requirement is to grout the abandoned pipes.

The engineers at Synthetex have recently completed the design of custom fabric structures to allow for filling with fine aggregate concrete to form a seal of an underwater tunnel at a power facility.  The system allows for 1 deployment of divers to place all the units as a single unit, but filling will occur at 3 separate times.  Each pour will result in a 6.5-foot height per unit.  Upon filling the 3 units, the finished unit will extend up to 19.5 feet in height and laterally 12 feet to the side walls of the tunnel.

Synthetex was selected by Van Oord of The Netherlands to supply subsea pipeline support grout bags for a project in Africa.  The subsea grout bags are used to support the pipeline over voids that exist in the sea bed.  Custom filling and pressure relief valves along with tie down straps were incorporated within each bag.  

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