Oil & Gas - Onshore

Pipeline crossings of perennial, intermittent and ephemeral stream channels need to be built in consideration of floods to prevent breakage and contamination of runoff during times of high flow. Subsurface crossings have to be deep enough to stay unmoved by scour throughout passage of the peak flow. Instead of continued maintenance of these crossings, hydraulic analysis is performed while designing them to remove costly repair and potential environmental degradation associated with pipeline breaks at stream crossings. Synthetex’s HYDROTEX® product engineers are available to assist with fully developed methodologies for the design of Fabric Formed Concrete mattresses for the cover of pipelines, without the risk of pipeline damage during construction.

In some areas, a pipeline may cross water expanses including rivers, seas, straits, canals and streams. In other areas, they lie entirely on the seabed. These pipelines are known as offshore pipelines.

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