Infrastructure is an important term for judging a country's development. The term typically refers to the technical structures such as roads, bridges, waterways, ports, railways, airports and so forth.

Synthetex’s proven approach and dependable products maximize value for private and public infrastructure projects from highways, bridges, ports, harbors, rivers and canals. Whether our clients are maintaining or improving existing infrastructure, planning new construction to expand capacity or seeking to minimize life-cycle costs, Synthetex provides sustainable solutions.

  • Highways and bridge networks, including structures (roads, tunnels, culverts, retaining walls)
  • Rivers, canals, dams, locks, levees, and navigable waterways
  • Seaport quays and waterfront revetments
  • Dams and spillways for flood water management and electric power
  • Railways including rail yards and intermodal

Market Sectors

Highways and Bridges

Synthetex’s HYDROTEX® erosion control measures can be installed at the time of highway, road and bridge construction to reduce runoff both during and after construction. read more

Ports, Harbors and Waterfronts

Synthetex is working on port projects around the world to provide sustainable quay scour protection and revetments. Our clients include national, state and local governments, as well companies in the private sector. read more

Dams, Locks and Levees

Synthetex’s erosion control and scour protection measures have been proven on all aspects of dam, lock and spillway projects. Our work spans embankments, spillways and scour aprons. read more


HYDROTEX erosion control for the protection of stormwater retention ponds and runway collection channels and ditches. read more



Many countries rely on railways as one of their primary methods of passenger and freight transport. Synthetex provides scour and ice flow protection at railway bridge abutments and piers, as well as erosion protection for revetments along river and coastal shorelines, canals and stormwater channels. These are all measures designed to improve the safety and reliability of a critical transportation infrastructure. read more

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