Hydropower or water power, a renewable energy source, is responsible for powering approximately 10% of just the United States’ energy alone. It uses falling and running water to generate energy for a variety of applications, such as irrigation systems and various machines, including textile mills, gristmills, sawmills, domestic lifts, dock cranes and ore mills.

Since the early 20th century, hydropower has been used in the modern development of hydroelectric power. Trompes that compress air from falling water are also used to conduct energy. Compressed air can then be piped to power other machinery away from the waterfall.

Water's power is manifested in hydrology, by the forces of water on the riverbed and bank. When a river floods, it moves with it a large amount of sediment, causing this sediment and other material to leave the riverbed and banks. The result is erosion, transport and, with lower flow, sedimentation downstream. HYDROTEX® Fabric Formed concrete mattresses provide erosion protection for riverbeds and banks as well as the shorelines of reservoirs.

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