Grout (Concrete) Bags (GB)

Synthetex’s HYDROTEX® Grout (concrete) Bags (GB) and tubes are an economical and convenient choice for applications requiring concrete, grout or sand filling.  Constructed of the high-strength polyester fabrics and using a heavy-duty sewing process, our bags are ready to perform in your most demanding construction or repair installations.  The custom designed bag is available in a variety of materials and a wide assortment of dimensions, porosities, volume capacity, and filling valve types that ensure compatibility with your applications.  Their flexibility and size makes them ideal for installation through confined spaces.

Synthetex provided more than 70 grout bags ranging from a 1.5 m³ to 168 m³ capacity for the repair of an airstrip jetty in the Shetland Islands, Scotland.  The bags were first filled with water and then the water displaced with concrete to permanently fill voids in the rock jetty.

The bags provide the formwork required to cast concrete elements with the mass and stability to withstand the waves and rapidly flowing water.  The concrete grout bags may be placed side-by-side or stacked to form an inherently interlocked concrete structure.  As with our HYDROCAST® formworks, concrete grout bags can be positioned and filled with concrete from the surface in shallow water or by divers in deeper water.  Since they are cast-in-place, they intimately adapt to variations in the subgrade or bottom contours. Installations do not require dewatering, a crucial advantage in emergency repair of scour aprons.  Unlike rock or precast concrete blocks, they do not require placement by heavy lift cranes working from the land or from barges.

Synthetex’s grout bags can be used to help with the following:

  • Breakwater, dike, groin and jetty repair
  • Bridge column repair
  • Culvert aprons
  • Embankment stabilization
  • Grout bag underpinning
  • Seawall and quay wall repairs
  • Scour repairs
  • Vertical drains
  • Void filling
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