Environment and Industry

Environmental remediation uses science, engineering and construction principles to improve the natural environment, supply healthy water and land, and clean up pollution sites. It consists of environmental sustainability, industrial hygiene, wastewater management, recycling, proper waste disposal, radiation protection and public health issues. Environmental remediation also considers the environmental impact of proposed construction projects.

Solid waste management is the process involved with collecting, transporting, processing or disposing, managing, and monitoring solid waste materials, usually from human activity. The process reduces waste’s effects on health, the environment and aesthetics.

Wastewater treatment involves several technologies, including a primary clarifier system to remove solid and floating materials, and a secondary treatment system of an aeration basin followed by flocculation and sedimentation, or an activated sludge system and a secondary clarifier. A tertiary biological nitrogen removal system and a final disinfection process are also used.

Synthetex delivers erosion control and scour protection solutions for our clients by applying our detailed knowledge of the waste disposal, energy, utility and process industries. We also offer our design, engineering and construction expertise to deliver products and services that help our clients solve their environmental challenges.

Market Sectors

Waste Management

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Waste and Wastewater

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Industrial Waste

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